Krall, Fürst, Fontaine (Eds): Supervision in Psychodrama

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Hannes Krall, Jutta Fürst, Pierre Fontaine
Supervision in Psychodrama
Experiental Learning in Psychotherapy and Training
2012, softcover, 282 pages

Supervision plays an essential role in the process of learning and professional development in psychotherapy and training. High quality in supervision is a crucial part of the training to support and to guide trainees and to be a reliable point of reference in terms of practice and theory, technical and methodological standards, ethical issues, research and evaluation. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to share ways of doing supervision in psychodrama among supervisors and trainers in different countries and to stimulate further discussion and development.


Hannes Krall, Jutta Fürst & Pierre Fontaine
Supervision in psychodrama – an introduction

  1. Theoretical and Conceptual Frames
    • Jutta Fürst
      Theoretical and conceptual frames – an introduction
    • Norbert Apter
      Humanistic processing: the supervisor’s role through reverse enactment
    • Maurizio Gasseau & Leandra Perrotta
      The Jungian approach: in situ supervision of psychodrama
    • Agnes Dudler & Kersti Weiß
      Interlocking gear wheels – from training to practice in various professional fields
    • Giovanni Boria
      Supervision as self-observation within a structured training
    • Pierre Fontaine
      Supervision at ‘La Verveine’
  2. Relational Aspects between Supervisor, Supervisee and Client
    • Pierre Fontaine & Jutta Fürst
      Relational aspects between supervisor, supervisee and client – an introduction
    • Sue Daniel
      The supervisory relationship in psychodrama training: More than a process
    • Judith Teszáry
      Supervision – a triangle of drama in transition
    • Einya Artzi
      Relational aspects of the psychodramatic supervision social atom: supervisor – supervisee – patient
    • Arsaluys Kayir
      Trainee´s anxiety to direct: supervision as a journey from anxiety to curiosity
  3. Specific Methods in Supervision
    • Hannes Krall & Jutta Fürst
      Specific methods in supervision – an introduction
    • Chantal Nève-Hanquet
      Psychodrama and role-playing techniques in supervision
    • Jan Lap
      Supervising the interaction between director and protagonist
    • Ildikó Erdélyi
      Psychodrama and psychodynamic contributions to supervision
    • Hilde Gött
      ‘Exchanging Ideas’ on stage and developing a professional identity – practical applications in supervision
  4. Training and Research in Supervision
    • Hannes Krall
      Training and research in supervision – an introduction
    • Anna Chesner
      Psychodrama based supervision training
    • Pierre Fontaine
      Supervision and practitioner research of trainees
    • Gabriela Moita & António Roma-Torres
      Promoting research-practice: supervision as an ideal moment to develop the role of a psychodramatist-researcher
    • Ioannis K. Tsegos & Natassa Karapostoli
      A Greek model of supervision. A visional encounter
    • Hannes Krall & Jutta Fürst
      Supervision and evaluation: objectives, practices and helpful aspects


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